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  1. Robert Gibbs, at :I think there’s a tremendous amount of disinformation that’s out there. We’ve seen it — and look, let’s be honest, you all, the media, tend to cover “X said this, Y said this,” but some of you, but not everyone, does an investigation about whether what X said is actually true.I’m waiting to see today how Gibbs solves the equation, when X = Grassley.That being said, the press is hardly taking its cue on this from President Obama.

  2. La has clavao rafa, la has clavao…la política hecha a golpe de titular, demagogia pura. Cualquier día llaman a Belén Esteban para ministra, para contentar a la calle, y eso…Por cierto…me has pisao la entrada…mi próximo post, que estaba a medio hacer..se iba a llamar "está en la calle" y hablaba tanto de la cadena perpetua como del no cabemos todos de la Sánchez Camacho…si es que no se pué ser lento…pero la verdad es que lo has escrito tan bien que pa qué…mejor hago otro.Un abrazo muy fuerte

  3. Nikos, good point. I think there are so many different religions because there are many different peoples living many different lives. Buddhism suits the region from which it sprang. African tribesmen have their own special religions. Joseph Campbell did an amazing job of mining all of these religions and belief systems and showed us how similar they all were. I wouldn’t have a hard time believing he was exposed to buddhist princilpes

  4. The business model of these large banks is so unsustainable that from now on they will only be able to survive by receiving massive subsidies from taxpayers, who are mostly workers and small businesses. In such a dysfunctional system, it is critical to maintain strong personal relationships with government decision makers on the one hand, and to have to those officials rely on you for guidance on the other.

  5. This is a really nice way of putting into perspective the real difference between structured and unstructured authoring. Especially, for those who believe that structured authoring is only for big organizations where content reuse and information mapping are a prerequisite. I just want to add here that considering that this is a one-time activity, the approach may change for authors after the schema is created and things have been streamlined in terms of metadata tagging and structured validations.

  6. Thanks, Jarrid. Your post was a timely reminder and an encouragement. I know exactly what you mean. It’s so easy to get caught up in ministry, in serving, that you can loose perspective on intimacy with God. This happened to me a few years back. I was so busy serving, so busy “leading ministry” that I negelected my own heart and my relationship with God and my family suffered. Thanks for the reminder of what’s most important. God bless!

  7. Tres bon commentaire Joseph.Les reformes oui, la chienlit non!Une fois tout ca calme d’une facon ou d’une autre il faudra reformer a tour de bras. prendre modele sur la Turquie peut etre mais surtout ne rien faire sera suicidaire. Il faudra aussi se souvenir ou sont les amis dela Syrie et les ennemis.Bon courage

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  9. well if you are looking for your own style you really cant get an answer from here because it would be someone else idea. Usually everyone has their own style simply by how they match their clothes up, some people like to wear different colors and make it work for themself, i would start by just going window shopping and start to pick out stuff that YOU like and and you cant care about no one’s opinion if you want to do your own style.

  10. Nice to know as I just got a United Explorer and a Saphire, but can you tell me where to find out about the free one way through a gateway on AA. I live in JFK and my wife wants me to take her somewhere using our AA and SPG points but Im having real difficulty achieving this. Any help would be appreaciated.

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  12. Sócrates não foi mesmo. O Nariz jogou em 38 e o Delamare jogou em 34. E o Tostão jogou antes do S[ócrates. Todos médicos.Eu te considerei o Baltazar, embora Maria não seja sobrenome: Manoel Maria, José maria etc. E ainda escrevi que o nome feminino era muito famoso agora, por causa da marta do futebol feminino. Mas acabei te considerando no Baltazar.

  13. >Ja nie mogÄ™ siÄ™ na to zgodzić, by na klasycznej osi liczbowej>znajdowaÅ‚a siÄ™ _każda_ liczba caÅ‚kowita skoro wiem, że pokoje suche>nie należą do zbioru pokoi mokrych, a wiÄ™c sÄ… liczby caÅ‚kowite,>które nie leżą na klasycznej osi xI to jest wÅ‚aÅ›nie Twoja (k)oÅ›(ć) niezgody z resztÄ… Å›wiata.Pytaj kogo chcesz – uzyskasz odpowiedź, iż każda liczba caÅ‚kowitaznajduje siÄ™ na osi liczbowej…

  14. Gdybym organizował spisek na życie cara, to bym tego na salonie nie ogłaszał.Natomiast OB-CIACH i LAS SMOLEŃSKI są legalnym działaniem protestu bez użycia przemocy, stąd jego otwarta forma. No ale, jak widać, chyba faktycznie mailowe przekazywanie informacji ma przyszłość, a nie dyskusja w otwartej formie.

  15. NecromancerKann mich hier der Hauptmeinung nur anschließen. Als Rollenspiel Fan spiel ich lieber solo als online. Wer WoW nicht kennt kann ja mal probespielen. Nichts gegen das Game oder gegen das Gameplay, aber Deppen gibts im RL genug. Die muss ich mir nach Feierabend nicht auch noch am Comp antun.Hingegen gefallen mir Lan Spiele gut. Da bleiben Deppen außen vor :-)

  16. I will be watching this site with interest. To me the whole area is of great importance and i just hope that the whole study is carried out with the greatest of respect given to all the fallen of both sides.I always understood that the family who owned the land had left it as it was as a mark of respect. In these times of hardship i just hope that this does not turn into a commercial mess which would take the respect away from what it is.

  17. Moving home is definitely an expensive process, but it is possible to go about moving house on a budget. Buying and moving into a brand new house could be exciting and rewarding, but it may also be full of expense. If you’re moving forward a budget, there are many ways to help you save money and still move all of your belongings safely to your new home.

  18. ah… you’re SO welcome, Jenna! It’s been beyond rewarding to simply have these conversations — this conversation with you and those that I’ve had with others in this interview series. The sharing started there and expands outward each time another listens, thinks, feels, perhaps comments, or connects on some level. There’s a compounding effect that I can feel and it’s quite lovely! Thank YOU for bringing the message home!

  19.  ( 2012.02.12 21:53 ) : This design is wicked! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  20. Hi Cathie,I have just stumbled upon your article, good on you, it’s about time you fe-moles came out of the woodwork.Quite impressed some of you ride hard hard tales, or is that an innuendo for something else.You did mention- and I quote (the boys do the maintenance) Steady on, behave!!Lee your slacking, where are you when we need some smut!!

  21. ane tau ane ga akan nonton ini, tapi review anda..setelah paragraf kedua sepertinya memberi secercah harapan LOLyeah..saatnya move-on….ane berharap KStew kembali ke ‘fitrah’-nya..she can act (liat Panic Room),,^^Lautner..hm,mungkin Calvin Klein akan menyewa anda dude…

  22. finalmente qualcuno fuori da coro come me! forse io sono meno estremo di te matteo…ho pensato “che peccato, c’erano tutte le premesse per un ottimo film e non ce l’ha fatta”. ma confido in Gaglianone.Quando eliminera’ queste leziosita’ da esordiente, imparera’ a dirigere gli attori(adulti) e usera’ attori che non recitino preoccupati solo di far vedere quanto sono bravi, sara’ fatta!

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  24. تقرير رائغ وسخي بالمعلومات , والاسرار , والتي الهدف منها ليس سوا تحفيز البقية للقيام بالمزيد عبر رؤية ما يمكن ان تؤول اليه المشاريع

  25. Informative and powerful, Lenny. McConnel’s rewrite of history with the ’68 election results is such typical Republican strategy. And, they often get away with it! What are the potential benefits of the electoral college that motivate people to want it to continue? Isn’t this part of the larger struggle about reforming/re-formulating our Constitution and country as our social/political/communal lives change and evolve?

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  27. Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

  28. You are asking the wrong question. Compared to the cost of your salary, sever costs are trivial. So the question should probably be, who will pay you to contemplate whatever ineffable thingamy it is that you research? Then given that you are generating interesting knowledge (we hope) the question of how widely that should be circulated strikes me as a bit of a no-brainer. Of course it should be circulated in as open a way as possible, to maximise the opportunity for others to build on it. (As an interesting aside, what if we consider something really expensive like CERN? I wonder what the break-down between salaries and hardware is in their budget? Can anyone think of a more extreme example?)

  29. I would love to tear down the shed/stable/garage out back for a Hobbit Hole of my own but the chances of me talking Hubby into that are slim… he loves the idea of the 100 year old stable out back no matter we can’t use it because it is falling down. Our house was built in 1909 when horses were part of in town life. Maybe the winds this year will blow it down, I think the only thing holding it up are the termites holding hands.

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