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  1. someone else will. Depend on it.well, this is just another in ff excellent analysis.however.i just choose to disagree with ff.i got all the way through the essay, and then, read that last line.i've been trying to write this for the last five minutes or so.i've been laughing so hard, i can't type accurately enough to post this. and i'm laughing so hard i keep falling out of my's a question for ff.aside from bad english, which i use a lot, what part of:AIN'T GONNA HAPPENdo you not understand?good sabbath.

  2. May04 You’re right it doesn’t matter. The form factor, the hardware is the main thing to consider. We use macbook pros because we develop iOS apps. But to be honest, even though you might feel trendy, you loose the desire to be so trendy when your top priority is security. Attention seeking laptops that cost you more to replace are not really ideal for a backpacker lifestyle.

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