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  1. No it means, in facts Krita needs a reliable way of converting from and to Exif/IPTC tags, and currently only the XMP specification guarantee this. But the way I see things, Krita can very well work with XMP, while Nepomuk/Strigi work with RDF, they just have to provide a way to convert XMP to RDF (like they allready for Exif to RDF).

  2. 100ראשית תודה על ההסברים והתמונות. לא ברור לי לגבי כניסת אוויר ויציאת עשן דרך ארובה?× .ב אין הפרדה בין הגחלים לתבשיל- נניח בצק וכו’?21

  3. My mom has been my major fitness inspiration ever since I was 8. I remember her always checking nutrition labels, cooking separately from the unhealthy meals if we ate something she didn’t prefer, and always working out: during movies, late in the night and early in the morning. My mother started my calorie counting at age 10 and inspired me with her 6 pack and amazing arms. She never stopped anything from her exercises. She made me a fitness fanatic and muscle lover!!

  4. Aga, dzięki za szybką odpowiedź.;]Twój blog jest świetny, to jest to czego szukałem. Właśnie czytam posty jeden po drugim;] Co do Ravalu to tylko raz tam byłem w uliczce zaraz za muzeum (chyba MACBA???jak dobrze pamiętam) i jedyne co pamietam to stado prostytutek i alfonsów;/;/pozdr Krystian

  5. Da det ikke er mig der laver søndagskagerne skal jeg lede lidt og jeg garanterer ikke for at opskrifterne smager som det vi har fået.Men hvis du er interesseret skal jeg gerne finde noget frem!Men som sagt kommer der en kage hver søndag!

  6.  I needed this so badly as well!I decided to take an independent study for graphic design this summer, while I’m getting ready to go to school in Enland this fall. It seems like I’m getting my butt kicked pretty hard with stress everyday and continually get in unproductive ruts. These are some rejuvenating words!OK Great is amazing thank you

  7. à°¨ేà°¨ు à°¬ెంà°—ుà°³ూà°°ు వచ్à°šి à°…à°¯ిà°¦ు à°¸ంవత్సరాà°²ైంà°¦ి, à°•ాà°¨ి à°¨ాà°•ు à°•à°¨్నడం à°°ాà°¦ు. à°¨ేà°°్à°šుà°•ోà°µాà°²్à°¸ిà°¨ అవసరము à°ªెà°¦్à°¦ à°•à°¨ిà°ªింà°šà°²ేà°¦ు. à°…ంà°¦ుà°•à°¨ి à°•à°¨్నడ à°°à°•్à°·à°£ à°µేà°¦ిà°•ే à°µాà°°ు నన్à°¨ు à°—ెంà°Ÿేà°¸్à°¤ె à°Žà°²ా à°‰ంà°Ÿుంà°¦ి?? à°¦ీà°¨్à°¨ే à°®ీà°°ు à°šెà°ª్à°ªిà°¨ à°µాà°Ÿిà°•ి à°…à°¨ువదిà°¸్à°¤ే, à°† à°šెà°ª్à°ªిà°¨ à°µాà°³్ళలో à°¨ేà°¨ు à°’à°•్à°•à°°ిననిà°ªిà°¸్à°¤ోంà°¦ి(à°•à°¨్నడిà°—ుà°² ఉద్à°¦ేà°¶్à°¯ంà°²ో).à°•ాà°¨ి à°Žంà°¦ుà°•ో à°ˆ à°µిà°·à°¯ంà°²ో à°¨ేà°¨ు à°®ీà°¤ో ఏకీవభింà°šà°²ెà°•à°ªోà°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°¨ు. constitution provides the basic right to live in any part of the country. à°°ాà°œ్ à° ాà°•్à°°ే à°šేà°¸ింà°¦ి, à°šేà°¸్à°¤ుà°¨్నది à°®ుà°®్à°®ాà°Ÿిà°•ి తప్à°ªే. à°“à°Ÿ్à°² à°•ోసమే à°šేà°¸్à°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ాడనడంà°²ో à°…à°¤ిశయోà°•్à°¤ి à°²ేà°¦ు.

  8. Competition? Don’t make me vomit. Didn’t UA work for years and years to prevent ASU from even becoming a university – shunning the US Dept of Education and non-Pima County residents until it finally forced ASU to expend resources to become the first university to be created by a vote of the people? And then didn’t UA block ASU time and again from getting its own medical school, which as mentioned, would make sense in the nation’s fifth largest city? Sorry, but UA has a long history of outright antagonism towards meeting the needs of the Phoenix metro area.

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  10. P,The President didnt take a “whipping” in 2010, as his name didn’t appear on any ballots. The Dems lost control of the House and a few Senate seats. The President’s approval rating is surging because of his recent accomplishments, which have been won with bi-partisian support.

  11. tocmai m-a intrebat un prieten eu de ce nu m-am bagat. nu m-am bagat pentru ca incepusera sa migreze si inspre mine. noroc ca tocmai atunci metroul ajunsese in statie si am coborat. asta a vrut sa faca si fata aceea, numai ca pe ea nu au lasat-o, au tinut-o cu forta in vagon.

  12. No, I’m not going to switch on french, parce que la francophonie est une superbe barrière à l’information. Du reste, le passionnant article de Ash est en anglais, bien sûr, et les ceusses qui ne lisent pas l’anglais ne le liront pas, à moins qu’il ne se trouve sur ce blog un généreux philanthrope pour le traduire pour eux.Roger Godement.

  13. I went to UVA Law, the most fun and best-softball-playing school in the country. I might make a post about that coming up because I want to make weekend posts on travel style and the traveling lifestyle.

  14. : c'est ce qui s'est passé pour moi..@ Karine :) : je suis à contre courant pour ce livre…@ Manu : superbe commentaire ! je suis pliée de rire derrière mon écran!@ Aifelle : je suis la moins enthousiaste à propos de ce livre… @ Pickwick : tu as raison ! mon avis ne vaut pas parole d'évangile ( … geurusement!)@ Wakinasimba: euh.. de Mr et de Mme de Turckheim? Honnêtement, je ne sais pas …

  15. Doh!just to ‘splain to others, apparently the preview does not work (you get an error message that doesn’t help you do anything), but you can post by just hitting the post button (as I just found out with my test above). [Chris fixed the error I was going to point out.]

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