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  1. “If one goes back and looks into the lobbying efforts to stop Darfurian “genocide” one will see links back to Zionist sources.”Yes, John Predergast is a real hard-right Zionist. Sudan’s record speaks for itself. As does the Arab League’s, who did nothing to protect indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir’s victims because Omar al-Bashir is an Arab dictator.

  2. I will stand beside you, Fred, every step of the way.We MUST protect this country. It is in the oath we took, and the oath we live by; to do anything less would be aiding those who wish to tear this country apart.If I may, a quick note to any politicians complaining about “single issue” voters – if you would solve the illegal immigration invasion, by taking the steps outlined above, then 75 – 90% of the “issues” you THINK we should be concerned with on an individual basis would be solved.

  3. , given the current state of the franchise, in the near to medium term, the key to returning to contention most likely will be a decent lineup combined with very good pitching. And in that context, this isn’t the worst possible lineup for 2014. I’d quibble with some of the choices (Galvis over Rollins, I still have reservations about Ruf, Joseph might not be ready, and at this point it doesn’t look like they are going to get Upton), and there’s some risk there, but the team could do worse.

  4. jadi ichanx terus mikir bakal kecelakaan gitu ya? hihi…tapi gak kenapa-napa kan, chanx? sayang dong kalau kenapa-napa, gak ada lagi blogger yang sok merasa ganteng banget di dunia maya ini.chanx, sial banget aku kebagian password “gonerhea”. apa salahku? hikss…

  5. Hi Eleanor, I like this! As an action orientated person, it makes it easier to spot the takeaways. Thank you for sharing.P.S. I never knew that quote was by Oscar Wilde although I’ve heard it hundreds of times before.Always lots to learn here!.-= Matthew Needham´s last blog .. =-.

  6. le foyer: un autre tre8sor des vagnides , une trouvaille de ma me8re et si tu regarde bien elle a mis un miroir dans le fond, e7a fait tout un effet !@Thierrys76: merci de ton passage et commentaire. Mais tu sais, je suis certaine que parmi les oiseaux il y en a qui aiment le noir, comme les corbeaux par exemple lol @Glycine: merci, et je suis ravie que tu aimes

  7. Hewan ko sa mga tao dito, hindi sila sanay na may kaharap na babae, pag may babaeng pumasok sa opisina, para silang mga daga nagtatakbuhan sa kanilang mga lungga bwahahaha.Maayos ba? salamat naman kung ganun, ngayon ko napatunayan na inookray lang ako ng bwisit kong kaopisina bwahahaha

  8. Azlan,Thanks! Hmm..I’ve visited your site and commented. Nice blog!Let’s see what went wrong on your page rank and see what can we do about it. Don’t worry I’ll also help you. I’ll do some more study and share it with you.I’m looking forward to get your PR 3 back!God Bless on your blog!

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