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  1. BMW films was eons ago Happy. there’s been a lot more of it since then. yes BMW films was innovative at the time and had big directors (as this piece does, a reflection of the insecurity of the creatives/client perhaps).see also « gamekillers » for Axe/Lynx. it doesn’t have to be slavishly lauded by the ad community for it to be good. the fact that Lunar bbbdo doesn’t fancy the plonk being shilled is immaterial. who knows or cares what hitchcock would have done. he’s been dead for years.

  2. Awesome. I was holding out for the price to drop on Amazon for the regular edition, but it hasn’t so far. So I’ve gone for the collectors edition. I do like the original cover perhaps more, but it seems to make sense to invest in the collectors edition whilst I can and whilst I don’t own the original.

  3. Hallo IsabellNa, die ‘Abwrackprämie’ von Vater Staat wäre doch was fürDich, oder ?? Haste doch sicher von gehört ??Hauptsache Dein betagter Renault ist älterals 9 Jahre. Wieviel willste denn überhaupt anlegen?Ach ja, vorstellen sollte ich mich noch:Michael, 54 und aus NRWcu

  4. There was a story about the 2 birth certificates on a PUMA website called No Quarter. Apparently if you open up the PDF files of both the Kos certificate and the one on fight the smears, and enlarge them massively, they both have different backgrounds. And also, some of the letters are shaped differently. Now I work with PDF files in printing and copying, and I know that is not possible with the same original. Sorry, I could not find a link to that story.2 plus 2 equals 5. Right Blaine ????

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  6. / First of all, I'm not surprised that FoxNews would be quick to redirect this issue to the ACLU. "Hey, it's not our problem!" Secondly, I would welcome free speech from Muslims assuming they would respect out nation's laws. I cannot conceive why Muslims would come to a country founded on free-speech and then immediately ask that we change what makes this nation great. If we changed at a whim, we would just be pandering instead of STANDING.

  7. Let’s have a beer or somethingYou can either stay or leave.This pen doesn’t write well.Unfortunately you’ll have to pay the fine before you check those books out.He can hardly speak.This is by far the largest cake in the world.This is by far the largest cake in the world.I will never forget it.If only I could fly.The two brothers look very much alike.

  8. Khoa Nguyen – Cathy I love your voice so much. I wonder if it is able to make a collab with you. I am a pianist from the Netherlands. Jason you to men, no homo. If you visit the Netherlands once, then you are most welcome at my place. Other youtubers, please like so Cathy and/or Jason can read this message. Khoa Nguyen

  9. Hi hi! Jeg har det nesten som du. Har jobbet litt av og pÃ¥ innimellom permisjoner. Men holder nÃ¥ pÃ¥ med mitt andre Ã¥rsvikariet.I fjor var ALT nytt for meg: Kontaktlærer, 1. klasse, ny skole, elever og kollegaer.I Ã¥r har jeg fordelen Ã¥ kjenne elevene, kollegaene, foreldre osv… Det er en utrolig stor forskjell:) Merker at jeg har mer energi nÃ¥r jeg kommer hjem fra jobb nÃ¥:)landsbyjenta sin siste, kule, flotte [type] ..

  10. E António Costa já pensou em preocupar-se com a fluidez da Carris ('limpeza' de paragens e faixas BUS)?Não se envergonha da total ineficácia da EMEL e da P. Municipal nesse aspecto?Se é verdade que mora no Av. João XXI, não precisa de andar muito para ver o escândalo da paragem junto às esquina com a Av. de Roma – para já não falar de todas as outras contempladas no prémio com o seu nome (e que vai ser renovado já amanhã: ver [].)

  11. Wow, Angie! You've got enough of those incedibly crunchy, and delicious, yummy goodness…not to mention how healthy…to pass around. Just pack a few in a small box and send it my way!I love the cranberry and walnut addition so much!These cookies look so perfect, and addictive:DDD

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  13. Doesn’t get any better than that for me.Just to have seen Miles would have been enough, but the others as well – hat’s off.Any views on Georgie Fame? Caught his session on BBC4 the other night, and he sounded on top form to me.

  14. Traffic calming! houve que me lembre uma palestra na antiga FIL sobre isso lá para 1998 ou coisa parecida…Ingleses cá e ntudo, imensa gente…definitivamente somos lentos a ganhar bons hábitos.As coisas não se fazem de raiz depois é o cabo dos trabalhos para fazer uma simples ciclovia.

  15. If you’re interested in learning more about who you are, keep reading. If you’re not truly taken back by what you’ve just read, and it hasn’t hit home from you, no hard feelings. Check back in a week and we’ll be chatting about how I’m gonna’ jump outta’ a plane in June.

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  18. Vielen Dank euch allen, die ihr so engagiert für AKZEPTANZ tätig seid. Schön das diese neue Homepage von Lisa so toll in Szene gesetzt wurde und von so vielen von euch mit Leben gefüllt wird. Eine echte Teamarbeit…nicht nur für Lausanne!Ich bin ganz schön stolz auf euch/uns!Jutta

  19. My understanding is that despite having a fairly homogonous image internationally, Iran is only about two-thirds Persian/Iranian, with most of the remainder being Turkic, with a good number of Kurds, Arabs and others. Just yesterday there was a report out on Iranian shelling in Kurdish Iraq. Do you know if the Turks of Iran are uniformly Azeri Turk, or are there other Turkic dialects?

  20. Heya! Thanks for the cool detailed comment! I agree, the biggest question is to find what you truly want, and then take action to get there somehow or another.@Miche, Thanks for the kind words! Haha, I like that satement, we are our own genie’s I may just use that in a post one day! Cheers!.-= Diggy –´s last blog .. =-.[]

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