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  1. Monica Chiarion scrive:Che bello questo tutorial e che spettacolo guardarti lavorare!!! Brava Elisabetta, continua così………un bacione! MonicaP.s…..ovviamente, se non avessi circa 400 km che ci dividono, correrei ai tuoi corsi!

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  3. I am wondering. Only about $7 millions were given to the suffering patients. With an operation of 900 strong staff. If based on ONLY $1000 per month per staff, excluding cpf contribution, allowances and BONUSES. The labour cost would be $1000 x 12 months x 900 staff = $10.8 millions. HOW TO JUSTIFY??????????????? HOPELESS……..

  4. Bah, avec un bon concours de circonstances ça peut nous amener Rafa 6ième après RG ça, non ? Et en ce cas, pas difficile de savoir par qui remplacer un de ses deux « 6-20″ pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas déjà, dans le trophée Odyssée !

  5. Do you think Alexa Ranking ever matter? Alexa is only able to measure the visits and pageviews who have alexa toolbar installed. So the bloggers and webmaster related niche blogs can grab good alexa with low pageviews and other niche websites may not be able for that , as many webmasters may not be visiting that website so much.

  6. Hola,soy brasileño y quisiera saber como hago para hacer el curso de FP y los documetos que tengo que tener.Jo vivo en espanha a 7 meses como ilegal, y lo unico que quiero es estudiar aqui y vivir porque me gusta mucho.porfavor dar-me una informacion lògica y completa.un saludo

  7. I feel for you Scamp, it must be irritating. However, since the public never pay any attention to these kind of awards and they’ll only ever remember things they’ve actually seen, just see it for what it is, a bit of advertising twat back-patting. The McDonalds one was the nicest one there and even that only made me think of warmed-up soggy salad! (which is probably the real product truth).Still, we’ll take an award if anyone’s got one going?[insert predictable ‘biggest twat award’ comment here]

  8. Ich finde Eure Aktionen sehr gut und denke damit erreicht ihr wirklich viel. Was mich stört ist, das meistens in Berlin demonstriert wird, das ist von der Pfalz einfach zu weit entfernt.Nur weil die Regierungsfuzzies dort sind? Die wirkliche Regierung sitzt doch eh in Frankfurt und Fernsehkameras gibt es überall.

  9. Sakkio scrive:Ciao, il problema è che devi attivarli. Affianco all’icona dell’impostazione della qualità video, attiva i sottotitoli in italiano; che noi abbiamo impostato di default per il video, ma a quanto sembra è un impostazione personalizzabile dall’utente

  10. Christian dit :« Attendez que l’été arrive… ce sera le retour des piscines mangeuses d’enfants apprêtées à la même sauce!… »…et les dangers du BBQ (e coli, salmonelle), du carré de sable pour les enfants, du virus du nil, du vélo, du soleil…[]

  11. hakim     nous dit le Salam alikoumEn lisant tout ces écrits je ne vous cache pas, tant tôt je suis content tant tôt déçu.Je vous le jure que je ne veux pas être mauvaise langue, ni impoli ni….. Irrespectueux envers ces avis, mais depuis tout à l’heure la seule idée qui me revient à l’esprit c’est: « la caravane passe les chiens aboient » hachakoum.Puisque personne nous a demandé notre avis et le projet se réalisera, sauf si la force divine…………..

  12. Muwah! I love that phone. My best friend has it. I wish I had a phone company that supported that model. Boo.Very impressed with your follow up! I think in general, being an interviewer for some show on tv would suit you very well. You have the camera charisma and OBVIOUSLY have great skill at this interviewing biz.Keep up the great work Anny Chih — investigative reporter with the best smile EVEEERRRR

  13. King Junior Stewart (you too Botox): Please please tell me you guys are kidding, imagined elephant trunks and all. So I guess in the recent past, before toilet bowls interfered with nature, you guys stood up both to wee-wee and to doo-doo huh? No wonder dem white pipples kept their distance whenever you were near! Is that where the term shitting yourself came from, you guys always standing up? Cheers

  14. günübirlik giriş çıkışlarda bile fiyatı çok yüksek, artı bayanlar havuzu son derece klorluydu ki zemin görünmüyor beyazlıktan ayrıca termal su dedikleri ısıtılmış deniz suyu otelin içinde kullandırmadılar.aynen katılıyorum islami otelin fiyatı fazlaca islamsız..

  15. Hi Shazzie!I am from the US(SC). Thank you for bringing awareness and support for those of us who have children living this lifestyle. I have 7 children and if it weren’t for you, I believe that I would be leading them down the wrong path. I really wish you a blessed birthday, one that you will look back on with a smile and joyful heart. I have been wanting Evie’s kitchen for a while, your recipes would be put to good use!Crystal

  16. Sama kayak pertanyaan diatas,, Buat blogger kayaknya belum secanggih ini,, he he..L:agipula untuk meninggalkan sebuah komentar,, menurutku jarang orang memasukan email yang sering dicek Inboxnya untuk dimasukan kedalam kolom Mail waktu berkomentart , he he .Kalo aku seh bila mengharapkan balasan komentar diblog orang lain , aku akn ingat Judul postingannya dan atau aku Bookmark halamannya

  17. Thanks a lot for putting this up, I find resources for this to be quite scarce, especially the documentation for WindowBuilder.Small question: Can the DataBinding stuff only be done with EMF? When I go to the Bindings tab I can find my TableViewer but not the model I created.

  18. our 40 gallon water electric heater just went out. i hope to install a rinnai propane heater soon*. while working for a solar company i installed every major tankless brand and found that rinnai to be the best. solar preheat being a major consideration. it is funny the different things that frighten a person. i'm not scared of propane. probably because i do all the piping myself. although, i am scared to jack up our house and put a new foundation under it. soon* the outdoor solar shower has only a few short weeks of reasonable use left.

  19. Thanks for the comment, and especially the compliment. Filling this bipolar site with articles that can help bipolar individuals out is what I try to do. I figure if I help one person deal with their bipolar symptoms in a safe and healthy manner, I’ve done a whole lot. All I can do is try.

  20. Ein zwar später Kommentar, doch ist das Thema noch immer hochaktuell: Die Aussagen in diesem Blog-Post werden durch die Realität widerlegt.Ich habe an einer eigenen Seite eine Herabstufung respektive Verlegung in den Supplemental-Index wegen Domain-internen DC erlebt.DC ist unverändert ein Risiko.

  21. Bueno, bueno… Con que ilusión y pensando en nuestros hermanos de Kenia hacéis que nos sintamos orgullosos de todo este gran traballo que lleváis adelante. Gracias por compartir con las delegaciones vuestros proyectos y hacer posible que Kenia pueda tener más vida. Gracias por ser esperanza y futuro. Rosalía.

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