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  1. “Loneliness doesn’t just happen to single women…” Aanna, this is awesome. I hadn’t thought of this but it’s so true. I know married women and single women who are lonely. When we resist real love we are lonely regardless of our relationship status.

  2. Schnotti 2  61) “Bisschen” schreibt man klein, wenn es nicht am Satzanfang steht,2) “IM Video 2″, weil Dativ.1) “Trotz dieses TestS”,2) direkt dahinter issn Komma zuviel,2) “schreckend” ist recht antiquiert. Sicher meintest Du “erschreckend”.Hach, hab ich wieder Schpass beim klug scheißen. *duckundweg*Tschuldigung,

  3. This is just horrific. Chinese cities have already developed too fast whilst destroying their local and cultural identities (e.g. the hutongs) with developments such as this one by Hadid. It is simply adding to this lack of character and context!

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